Willy Korn - Budding Superstar
Buddy King's trip to Kansas
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The Byrnes Rebels boast one of the top rising quarterbacks in the country in Willy Korn. In this clip, Korn, who has pledged to play his college football at Clemson, displays amazing accuracy, field vision, and awareness in the pocket as he directs his offense to yet another blowout victory, this time over crosstown nemesis Spartanburg.
Hitting the recruiting trail can sometimes be a difficult and arduous job for college football coaches. It means weekends away from the family, navigating unknown terrain, and for Buddy King, getting the occasional speeding ticket. However, as this clip illustrates, getting that "one" guy can mean all the difference in the world.
Jeff Scott on the fake
The Turf of Death Valley
Jeff Scott's career at Clemson can be summed up in one word: hustle. In this clip, Scott scores the eventual game winner on a fake field goal against UCF in 2001.
Countless hours go into the thankless task of preparing the football field at Clemson for a three hour war. Here's a "behind the scenes" look at the work to prepare the field and how to make your yard look like Death Valley.
Steve Fuller and The Catch
The Origin of the Orange Pants
2005 Highlights
2006 Clemson Football - The Trailer
The 1980 game against South Carolina means a lot of things in the history of Clemson football. It marked the beginning of a 13 game winning streak that ended in a National Championship. It signaled Clemson's continued dominance over South Carolina, despite their Heisman trophy winning RB. It even served to help Danny Ford retain his job. But the thing that most Clemson fans remember about the 1980 game  is: Orange Pants.
Steve Fuller is perhaps the most celebrated QB in Clemson football history. In addition to being in the Death Valley Ring of Honor, Fuller holds a place in the heart of many Clemson fans as being one of the players instrumental in placing Clemson on the national stage. Here, Fuller discusses the 1977 Clemson-USC game, and the drive that led to "The Catch"
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