The Lost Games
Coach Howard on the 1948 Clemson Tigers
Video Clips

This compilation includes games that were previously thought lost to the sands of time. However, a generous benefactor has recently provided the Betamax tapes (and eBay provided me the player), enabling me to digitize the footage and make sure that these games would live on. Curiously enough, 15 of the 16 games on Beta were probation-era (1982-1984) contests. With that in mind, here is an addendum to the "Tiger Talent" clips.
Coach Howard was loved for many things during his time at Clemson, and one of his most endearing qualities was his way with words. Here he discusses one of his favorite teams during his time as head coach.
Trick or Treat
A Strange Ending in Death Valley
On October 31, 1981, an unsuspecting Wake Forest football team took the field against the eventual National Champion Clemson Tigers. What followed that day was a massacre......Clemson would score 82 points, with the Demon Deacon eventually helping the Tiger mascot do pushups. Highlighted here are all of the Tigers' scoring plays.
By the time 1983 rolled around, the Clemson-Georgia rivalry had turned as ugly as ever. For the past three years, this game had played a role in determining a national champion. And while everyone predicted a hard fought game, no one could have predicted one of the most off the wall endings in Clemson football history. Tied at 16, Clemson would try a 68 yard field goal to break the deadlock with only seconds remaining.
Player Reaction to Ford's Departure
From the Sidelines - 1982 Orange Bowl
1982 Orange Bowl - Coach Ford Post-Game Interview
Used by a local newsstation as part of the 1982 Clemson football preview, this clip contains sideline footage of the 1982 Orange Bowl that has not been widely distributed. This clip also showcases the incredible amount of fan support that Clemson enjoyed in Miami, as the roar of the crowd is akin to a home game.
On a Thursday morning in early 1990, we first learned that Coach Danny Ford would no longer guide the Clemson football team. And while the reaction was almost universally negative from fans and the media, it was the football players themselves that spoke with the most clarity and conviction.
Here are Coach Ford's comments after the 1982 Championship Game.  This short interview conveys Ford's "aw shucks" approach to the game, as the rest of the nation realized that these "Clempson people" were here to stay.
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