DVDs for Diehards
Most of the tapes that I've received have been well preserved and are in excellent shape. This is a testimony to the diligence of Clemson fans, who wish to capture and maintain moments in Clemson history as they were meant to be remembered.

Unfortunately, I also received a small number of tapes that are in extremely poor condition. Despite the efforts of the people who sent me these games, the video or audio quality of these games can only be described as "near unwatchable". Some of these are copies of copies of copies of the original, others were recorded off of poor sources originally, and yet others were simply not taken care of.

I have listed these games below, as linked clips to them as well. They are listed in my "Games Needed" page as well, because I intend to get better copies as they become available.
Year            Date                Opponent

1985            11/17/1985      South Carolina
Score                Clip                        DVD Cover

24-17W            WATCH                 1985USC

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