DVD Cover Info
The DVD covers on this website were designed by Phil Hughes (Motown). He also wrote the directions below. If you like his work or have any questions, please drop him an email.

Clicking on "DVD Cover" links will open your computer's default word processing program. These files are designed to be opened as a Microsoft Word Document. If you do not have Microsoft Word, they may be uncorrectly formatted by your work processing program.

Right Click on the link and click on OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW. Simply print out the document using your printer. You can also save the files below either on disk and take it with you, or save them to your hard drive and upload to Kinko's website; They will print a vivid color copy for you for only $1.00.  If you do not have a color printer or do not wish to use up your ink on this, this would be a good option. Kinko's may not be the only place you can do this, for instance, Staples, or the UPS store (formely Mailboxes) can probably do this as well.

Cut along the edge with a pair of scissors. Open the DVD Case so that it is flat out, disk side down. Then, insert the jacket under the plastic cover and close the case. Make sure the spine is completely readable and everything else should line up. Some trimming may be necessary depending on your printer settings.

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