Legal Notices and Disclaimers:

Unfortunately, not everyone involved in this hobby is legitimate.  There are people who work for studios and production companies posing as "collectors" and "traders" with the sole purpose to trick people like myself into a potential copyright violation. Therefore, by visiting this website or e-mailing me you are acknowledging the following statements.

1. You affirm that you are not working for any television or movie production studio, network or affiliated organizations. You are not employed by the government be it U.S or Canadian, affiliated agencies or any type of sub-contractor or independent agent.  You are not a postal inspector.  By e-mailing you understand that these transactions are collector to collector and any incidental costs that are involved are not for product or labor but transportation of said goods.  No profit is made from my game trading and is done only for my enjoyment, to help out others and the chance to expand my own collection.  Game trading is a hobby, not an occupation or a business to me.  This site is not for commercial use.

2. In regards to the legality of the Video Home recording Act settled by Congress with the Home Recording Act (P.L 102-563,106 Stat 4237, Codified at 17 U.S.C 1001-1010) in October 1992.  No action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on manufacture, importation or distribution of a digital or analog recording medium or based on the non-commercial use of such a device or medium. No rights are intended, expressed or implied.

3. In case there are still questions regarding copyright infringement to be raised I request that you review this Supreme Court Case: Sony Corp vs. Universal City Studios (1984) under copyright law. This is located at The exact address for this case file is

4. You understand that these trades or donations are collector to collector and any incidental costs that may be involved are not for profit, but for accumulated costs involved in the process required.  All charges placed on the reproduction of any and all video footage are attached to the time, materials, machine wear & tear and return shipping & packaging.

5. If you enter this site without agreeing to any of the above terms you are violating code 341.322.12 of the INTERNET PRIVACY ACT OF 1995 which means you cannot threaten my ISP or any other company hosting these pages, and you cannot prosecute any person affiliate with this site including family, friends, or anyone entering this site.

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